Your new foodie friend

You know, the friend that remembers you're allergic to nuts (both kinds). Or that you went vegan-ish last January? Choose your dietary requirements and only see menu items that you want to see. HungryHungry is a personalised menu in your pocket.

Menu word-salad decoded

No idea what parfait is? No worries. Click to see what on earth it means.

Translate your menu instantly

A menu for every culture. Brushing up on your Chinese? Switch the menu and view in a different language instead.

No more awkward "this isn't what I ordered" convos

When you order with HungryHungry, no one can get your order wrong. Nuff said.

Pretty pics ready for every future food coma moment

Nobody puts baby in a corner! It's like a tinder date for food that looks great. "Swipe right" on photos and descriptions of what’s on the menu so you know exactly what you’re ordering without asking the rando next to you what they got that looks so good.

Pour your heart out about the important stuff (Fl-flava, fl-fl-fl-flava)

Great food, great service and great atmosphere, if any place gets those ingredients right, you'll be back for more. Give real-time, discreet feedback to the venue about your experience so they'll know what you loved, and what they can improve next time.

Never mourn the loss of a menu taken before its time

Remember that time you were wistfully eyeing off that chocolate pudding on the desert menu but some eager beaver whisked it away once mains were served? Order exactly what you want, when you want.