Consumer needs are changing faster than you can say “Smashed Avo”. Table ordering is the new Hospo Norm. HungryHungry is your secret sauce to continue creating mouth-wateringly great experiences for each and every customer you serve.

Stunning Digital Menus

Create tantalising digital menus with special diet filters and knock your bookkeeper’s socks off when you add upsell options to menu items.

Instant Online Payments

Take instant online payments on your digital menu, add pre-ordering to satisfy even the most Type A of customer personalities. Never miss an order, no PoS needed.

Easy Order Fulfilment

Get business done in more ways than one. Dine-in, pick up, drive up or delivery, and contactless options. Avoid a trip to the lawyer with full RSA regulation compliance.

Actionable Reports

Jimmy ordered 17 serves of Chilli Oil Dumplings in the last 10 days? You must be onto a winner! Get reports and insights into sales and customer behaviour with instant sales reports, location sales heatmaps and more.

Influencer-Worthy Promotion

Express yourself! Don’t allow your weird and wonderful side to slowly simmer, let it ooze out with a brand-able, mobile friendly website alongside promo codes and SMS campaigns.


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