How it Works

The HungryHungry digital menu and ordering platform doesn’t need any physical hardware for consumers to operate. Dayum, that is some sexy tech.

Who we made it for, with love

  • Restaurant venues Restaurants
  • Pub venues Pubs
  • Cafe venues Cafes
  • Bar venues Bars

How to get crack-a-lackin

food menu 1 food menu 2 add food menu item

Create a digital menu


Choose how your customers can order from you

  • Dine-in
  • Pick-up
  • Drive-up
  • Delivery

Send customers a link or they can scan a QR code at-table

payment options
applepay credit card google pay paypal

Customers pay online

How we help during COVID-19

  • Open

    HungryHungry has helped over 1,500 restaurants, pubs and bars across Australia to stay in business during COVID-19.

  • Contactless

    The platform also keeps you fully prepared for transitioning back to table service, with contactless menus and ordering.

  • A fraction of the fees charged by overseas aggregators

  • You get real time access to all your customer data

  • Custom messages for contactless delivery rules

  • Throttle orders so your kitchen isn’t overwhelmed at peak times

  • Collect car rego and colours for contactless drive-up delivery

  • Set delivery fees based on location maps or postcodes

  • Set different hours for contactless delivery options

  • Offer pre-ordering

  • Sell alcohol while still complying with RSA regulations

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